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Surprise, AZ is one of the north-western suburbs of Phoenix and enjoys easy access to both the Phonix metro area, as well as north to Prescott Valley, Sedona, and Flagstaff, just a few hours away. Drinks with friends, a last-second poor decision, or a contentious separation can lead to a variety of charges that require a lawyer to help you navigate the complicated legal system.

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With Surprise’s easy access to all that Phoenix has to offer, accidents and misjudgments happen. Mistakes can lead to DUI, or you may have your driver’s license suspended. You may potentially lose a professional license for unethical conduct and violation of criminal law. A criminal conviction can quickly domino effect through every aspect of your life. When there is an accident, a blood sample will be taken by authorities at the scene of the crash to test blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A simple game of golf, a few drinks, and everything changes. There are bond/release hearings, plea negotiations, sentencing hearings, and driver’s license MVD hearings in DUI cases. Call Allegiant Law Group for help as soon as you become aware of possible criminal charges or state licensing board’s investigation.

If you’ve been arrested for possession of marijuana in excess of the amount permitted by law or your medical marijuana card. Should one mistake ruin your career? How will you pay off student loans or support your family if you cannot obtain employment that pays enough? With a criminal record, job opportunities dwindle. You may be prohibited from ever practicing in your chosen profession. This can be very bad. Swallow your pride. Ask us for help. That’s when we come in strong for your defense.

Everything Can Change in a Moment

No matter how good life was a year ago, even a week ago, things can get off track really fast. Sometimes the worst happens. Know when to immediately seek legal advice from an attorney and former prosecutor with Allegiant Law Group. Talk to someone who has handled many of these cases for other clients. Get answers. Discuss a viable legal defense strategy. Know that you will be treated with respect and dignity, whatever the criminal allegations. The right defense strategy can get you to a far better place than where you were when things went wrong.

A long-standing pattern of bad choices can be hard to break. As is drinking and driving for many repeat offenders. A snap decision can harm another person or cause damage, even if completely unintentional. Mistakes are made.

Even when you believe you did everything the right way, by the book, allegations of wrongdoing or accusations of substandard professional care can still mean criminal or pseudo-criminal proceedings. With the former, the prosecutor may file criminal charges to which you must appear in court or face re-arrest. With the latter, expect the licensing board to take action on a complaint against your professional license. This quickly puts your livelihood at risk, leaving you no alternative but to defend your license and right to practice in your chosen field. Consult a professional license defense attorney who knows the complaint process and who appreciates the risks to your lifestyle and financial future, not to mention your sense of self-worth as a practitioner. We can help.

Things can become complicated quickly. When some unexpected event causes your life to spiral out of control or threatens your very freedom, it is time to meet with a highly-rated criminal defense attorney with Allegiant Law Group.

Our Surprise Criminal Defense Team Is Right Next Door

You need to be represented in all court proceedings by an attorney who will launch an aggressive defense to fight charges of DUI, assault, vehicle theft, drug possession, resisting arrest, probation violation, and other alleged state or federal crimes. If appealing a conviction or sentencing, or in seeking expungement or conviction set aside, then we can assist with that as well. We offer a Free Case Evaluation. That is a great place to start defending your rights.

We Can Defend Your Professional License

To protect your livelihood, you need to hire a professional licensed defense attorney in Surprise. When a client or patient files a complaint against you, as a licensed professional, accountant, engineer, insurance agent, broker, real estate agent, or other, do not brush it off. If you work in the healthcare field, then you need to respond swiftly to protect your medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental, physical therapist, physician assistant, or respiratory care licensure. We also represent licensed daycare providers against complaints before the Arizona Department of Health Services. We are fully prepared to assist with your defense from the very heart of Surprise.

Call 623-263-1000 and schedule an appointment at our Surprise office location. We are at 15331 W. Bell Road, Suite #212 – on the south side of Bell Road, just east of N. Reems Road and west of N. Bullard Avenue. You can’t miss it!

Court Jurisdiction in Surprise and Maricopa County

If your case involves a DUI or other criminal misdemeanor charge, then the Surprise City Court or the Superior Court of Maricopa County may have jurisdiction to try the case. The Surprise City Court has jurisdiction over minor civil traffic violations along with certain misdemeanor cases occurring within the city limits. Because most DUIs are Class 1 misdemeanors, the city prosecutor may file charges with proceedings in Surprise City Court. The municipal court can enter an order of protection (OP) to restrain someone from committing domestic violence as well as an injunction against harassment (IAH). We defend clients accused of violating such protective orders in any Arizona court.

Understand that the Superior Court has original jurisdiction over misdemeanor crimes arising out of acts occurring anywhere in Maricopa County, including Surprise, with the county prosecutor filing charges. An attorney with Allegiant Law Group will explain the court proceedings, whether in city court, Superior Court, or federal court.

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